UFO Sighting in Birmingham

A police officer claimed that he had seen a UFO moving at super sonic speeds when he was off duty driving near the Birmingham airport.

The officer reported that he had seen a ‘light with a bluish tinge’ that ‘pulsed rhythmically’ and zoomed off.

A colleague then called the air traffic control and they said that nothing had been seen on their systems.

The unnamed officer had this to say: ‘I noticed a light in the sky which was pulsing rhythmically. It was very bright and had a bluish tinge to it,’ the website reported the officer as saying.

‘I thought at first that it was a plane. Then I realised, as it was only a single light, this was not likely to be the case.

‘Besides, I had never seen an aircraft in that part of the sky.’

UFO expert Nick Pope, said: ‘This could be the real thing – a UFO in our airspace and military aircraft scrambled to intercept.’

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