UFO Sighting Caught on Tape

This video comes from a passenger of a plane who was recording from his window he manage to capture another plane and another aircraft that was moving extremely fast and can only be seen when slowing down the video.

Once discovering this he sent the video MUFON and explained his experience. The report reads: ”While flying back from Washington, D.C. to Denver, Colorado I caught a UFO on video while taping the sky outside the window of the airliner,”

“Flight was Frontier Airlines flight 725. Because of the low light level, my camera was not focusing so well on auto focus, so I used the Caribou image on the wing to focus. When I pulled back from the image, this is when I noticed a bright silver object that had suddenly flew into view. I noticed that it was moving up, down, and changing directions,”

The video was caught on the 5th of March but still reporters are investigation the strange aircraft.


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