UFO Activity in South Africa

Gert Jordaan, founder of UFO Research of SA said that between the 21st of February and the 27th that orange lights and flames had been spotted in the sky by a number of people.

He explained that some of the sightings could have been mistaken for meteor showers but it cannot be certain so the sighting could be something else.

“Though meteors do glow orange, some of the sightings reported radical change in direction and speed. Some objects even remained stationary for five minutes or so. There might be some UFO phenomena occurring in areas around Cape Town,”

He also went on to say : ”The second possibility is that life from another planet is surveying ours for making contact and offering knowledge.”

Nicola Loaring, outreach astronomer for the South African Astronomical Observatory, Told that the most likely reasoning for these sightings was meteor showers.

She said : ”They are very common. They glow orange, sometimes green, can change colour, and usually end up white,”

She also suggested that people should be made more aware of these things saying ”When they see a light they think the end of the world is coming,”


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