These are all links to pages that we think have relevant information into discovering the truth about UFO’s and whether they are real or not.

UFO files: photographs of ‘UFO next to RAF jet’

Report on photographs taken where a UFO appears next to an RAF jet in Scotland

UFO Documents Unveiled in UK

Some of UK’s most interesting UFO’s

UFO spotted in the Sussex sky

Released files by the Ministry of Defence show that a UFO was spotted in Sussex in the sky.

Huddersfield UFO sighting logged by girl

A young girl spotted a UFO’s. Also more UFO’s included in post.

Ministry of Defence explains two UFOs over Wales

Two UFO’s explained by the ministry of Defence.

Woman claimed ‘Scandinavian’ UFO encounter

A man with a “Scandinavian-type accent” who flew off in a UFO.

MoD took UFO sighting seriously

UFO flying next to RAF aircraft in Scotland

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