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The National Archive UFO Files

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March 2009 Stories

Government release files on Louth UFOs: Nick Pope interview

UFO files: photographs of 'UFO next to RAF jet'

UFO Documents Unveiled in UK

More yawns from the MoD

More UFOs seen over Suffolk

UFOs buzzing the North, says MoD (scroll down for story)

UFO spotted in the Sussex sky

'Alien' takes blame for crop circles

Can you explain North UFO sightings?

Huddersfield UFO sighting logged by girl

Ministry of Defence explains two UFOs over Wales

UK Releases Archive UFO Files

UFO files show 'close encounter'

And Finally... UFO sighting passed to Ministers

Woman claimed 'Scandinavian' UFO encounter

Woman meets an "alien"

UFO files: USAF pilot's death explained


The eXtra-terrestrial files reveal alien truth

MoD files reveal scale of UFO fears

Aliens? No, just the Pentagon playing with its latest toys

Lady Sees UFO Shaped Like Blue Banana With Dangling Arms & Legs

Woman walking dog claims she met an alien

UFO sightings in UK - Declassified files support ET existence

UFO alien sketches include banana with dangling limbs

Brit woman met ‘alien’ with ‘Scandinavian-type accent’

MoD briefed ministers over hovering UFO

Archives throw up British concerns about UFOs

MoD briefed ministers over hovering UFO

MoD briefed ministers over hovering UFO

Woman met alien near Norwich

Huddersfield UFO sighting in secret Ministry of Defence files

UFO Files Unveil MoD Spy Plane Obsession

MoD briefed ministers over UFO

UFO: Secret records show there were almost 1,200 mysterious sightings between 1987 and 1993

MoD took UFO sighting seriously

New UFO secrets are revealed in MoD files

Is that a flying saucer? No, it’s a stealth bomber

Revealed: How the government probed Britain's greatest UFO mystery

UFO files: Dog walker's alien encounter

UK ministers were alerted to Perthshire sighting of UFO

UK officials briefed ministers on UFOs

Alien 'spoke of crop circles'

British defence ministry briefed on UFO sighting

October 2008 Stories

UFOs spotted over Bootle twice

More UFO reports published

Air Force pilot tells all about encounter with UFO & gov’t secrets

UFO eludes U.S. pilots. Brits unperturbed

Pilot recalls encounter with UFO

Did UFO fly over our skies?

Secret X-files reveal UFO sightings in Wakefield district


UFO files reveal East Lancs encounter

Did UFOs visit our skies?

Secret UFO Files Released

Italian pilot recounts UFO encounter over Britain

Haslingden ‘UFO sighting’ revealed in old MoD files

World media takes heed of Kendall man's UFO tale

Pilot ordered to fire on UFO

The real X-Files - is the truth in there?

Hemsworth driver's UFO encounter

Britain’s secret UFO ’X’ Files: more

Aliens are coming – look busy

Former U.S. Pilot Confirms British Declassified Report About UFO Encounter In '57

Passenger jet in near miss with UFO

UFO archives reveal pilot's encounter

Secret files reveal Tyneside UFO sightings

UFO encounter described by Italian pilot

Has Suffolk been visited by aliens?

Rowley Regis UFO drama revealed

'I'll say what I believe — space aliens'

British Archives Release Previously Classified UFO Documents

UK gov' releases more UFO files

Miami Beach Resident Battled a UFO

Sussex UFO details revealed

Photo and Video: Bizarre UFO Shoot Down Order

Britain releases secret UFO files

UFO files released by government

UFO files published by Ministry of Defence

MoD releases UFO sighting files

Alitalia jetliner buzzed by genuine UFO

U.S. Air Force Pilot's Incredible UFO Story One Of Hundreds Released By UK Defence Ministry

Pilot told to shoot UFO over Norwich


Alitalia flight nearly collides with a UFO

U.S. Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFO Over England

AP: Britain releases UFO files, dispels some mysteries

Britain releases UFO files, dispels some mysteries

MoD release Ulster UFO sightings

U.S. Pilot Milton Torres Ordered To Shoot Down UFO

Alitalia airplane: close meeting with an UFO

U.S. airman's account among UFO files

Britain releases batch of UFO files

UFO archive release: The best pictures on file

Fighter Jets Ordered to Shoot Down UFO

UK National Archives Releases UFO Sightings Reports

New Government UFO Files Describe Close Encounters

British UFO Archives Giving Conspiracy Tourists New Itineraries

‘Passenger jet had near miss with UFO’

Documents reveal county UFO sightings

Commercial Jet Pilot Saw UFO in 1991: UK

Britain Publishes Once Secret Files on Alleged UFO Sightings

UFO ‘was jet ditching fuel’ claims report

Can you see them Major Tom? (video)

UK UFO files reveal alleged attempt to shoot UFO

Great Britain releases its UFO files

Retired F-86 pilot recalls attempt to shoot UFO

UFO sightings become public after release of files

British Government Declassifies UFO Files

Britain opens secret UFO files to public

Ex-Pilot Tells of 1957 Order to Fire at U.F.O.

Pilots ordered to shoot UFO out of sky

UFO Sightings Included in British Archives (video)

Pilot tells of night he was ordered to shoot down UFO

North Yorkshire UFO files released

UFO sighting haunts pilot

Crop circle and UFO reports released

MoD reveals real life UFO files

Passenger jet had 'near miss' with UFO

Britain reveals close encounters of the weird kind

Fighter pilot ordered to shoot down UFO

British defence ministry releases UFO files

Do you believe in UFOs?

U.S. Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFO Over England

UK's UFO files dispel some mysteries, raise others

Flying saucer photo hailed

UK: Jet captain reported UFO sighting

UFO sightings in Somerset revealed

U.S. fighter pilot: 'I was ordered to fire 24 rockets at UFO flying over East Anglia'

More UFO files go online

Britain releases UFO files (PDF links to MoD files in this article)

New reports: Jet had near miss with UFO

UFO sighting comes to light

Pilot had close encounter with UFO over Lydd

X files: How airline pilot had narrow miss with UFO

MoD bans crop circle photos over UFO fears

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO

The real X Files - is the truth in there?

MoD files reveal previously unknown encounters with UFOs

Pilot's close encounter with UFO over Kent

Passenger jet had near miss with UFO, claim experts

Pilot told to shoot UFO over Norwich

Real X Files released

Declassified UFO Files Reveal Military Engagement, Near-Collision

US pilot told to shoot down UFO

Declassified File: US Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFO

Pilot Told: Shoot Down UFO

UFO files reveal A272 sighting

Spectra Rule Me But Won't Say Why I'm Here

Police saw UFO over Manchester

Pilot's 'UFO encounter'

Pilot's close encounter with a UFO

US pilot ordered to shoot down UFO over Norwich

'Near Miss With UFO At Heathrow'

The passenger jet that just missed colliding with a UFO 22,000ft above Kent

Airliner had near miss with UFO

Passenger plane 'had UFO near miss'

'Missile' came close to airliner

Top Gun VS Alien


MoD files record near-miss between passenger jet and brown missile-shaped UFO among host of unexplained sightings

Passenger jet's near-miss with UFO above Kent

Odd, intriguing and alarming UFO files released

UFO in near-miss with jet plane

US airman Milton Torres told to shoot down UFO when based at RAF Manston

UFOs over Birmingham and the Black Country

Five of the strangest UFO sightings and encounters

UFOs, alien abductions and Tina Turner feature in Close Encounters secret files

US jet 'ordered to fire at UFO over East Anglia'

Passenger jet almost 'collided with UFO'


Dark Ages 101- Report-ing the Paranormal
Metal shard linked to Roswell Incident
UW speaker: We'll learn about aliens by watch-ing their TV
Bizarre lights were Chinese lanterns, not UFOs
A Brief History Of My Favorite "Martian" Photograph
'Mystery lights' spark UFO alert
Is it a bird... is it a plane.... or maybe a UFO?
More UFO shocks in Highlands
'Alien skull' spotted on Mars
Orange UFO spotted above Chester skies
Governments Should Declare UFOs Exist, Says Researcher
Meteor-like UFOs appear controlled
New Book Aliens Among Us: Author Takes First Trip to the World of UFO’s and ETs
UFO sightings: Some-thing Floats Over Our World
EBE/UFO sighting in Western Australia
EBE/UFO sighting in Argentina
Another EBE/UFO Sighting in Argentina
EBE/UFO sighting in British Columbia
UFO sighting in Welton?
Two UFOs spotted in Haywards Heath
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