Holy smoke!!

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Holy smoke!!

by samantha_star13 on Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:15 pm


I'm fairly new to this forum so thought I would share a little of the experiences that I have had to see if anyone else has had similar..

2 years ago, I returned from visiting the 14th Laughlin UFO conference in the states. I had a fantastic trip - met lots of very interesting people - and was 'buzzing' when I got back. I was talking to a couple of friends at my house about the people I had met and how nice it was to be around like minded people. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a flash of light and I looked back at one of my friends and asked her if she had seen it.

She responded that it must have been an orb and then looked at me in surprise as she had never heard that term before. I carried on talking (its hard to get me to stop once I get going..) after a few seconds this flash reappeared and this time gradually started moving towards me. It grew in size to almost a full person but was just light not physical in appearance. My friends saw it too - one of them took a photo with her mobile and the picture looked like a pillar of smoke next to me.

Both friends decided to leave at this point - leaving me alone and pretty shaken up. I asked whoever it was to leave as I was too scared to face it alone and I did not see anything else like it for a long time.

On another occasion I was out walking with a friend on a lovely sunny day when we stopped for a rest. I looked up at the sky and noticed a shiny object - I asked my friend what she thought it was as I was sure it could not be an aeroplane. She was not interested at all (having no interest in paranormal or UFO activity.) She did not even look up to the sky - she gazed across at me and then jumped up shouting at me.

I had felt perfectly fine so was surprised at her reaction.. she shouted that there was 'smoke' coming out of me.. I just laughed but she insisted that it was time to go home.

I shared this story with a medium at the CUFORG conference last year who suggested that this smoked could perhaps be 'ectoplasm' - I asked how to tell the difference between spirit manifestation and ET manifestation?

I am not sure entirely what happened on these occasions but I am sure there are others out there with similar experiences. There are lots of other strange events too but I wont bore you all too much before I get to know you better!!



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by sashwah on Fri Mar 23, 2007 12:18 am

Hi Samantha welcome to the forum!

Wow that sounds like quite an experience, I wouldn't know what you would call it? Maybe spirit manifestation? I'd love to see something like that... I have a firend who is a spirit mediuma nd she says they just gradually take form when they decide to show themselves. I've never heard her mention anything like you've described.

I have no idea about the "smoke" i have never seen ectoplasm and have only heard of it and seen some dodgy photos which leaves me thinking there might not be such a thing.. but thats the sceptic in me lol...!

maybe you're an alien lol..

If I hadn't seen it with my owns eye's, I wouldn't have believed it either......


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by samantha_star13 on Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:23 am

Hi Sashwah

Thanks for your reply - maybe I am an alien? Who knows..

As for spirit manifestation - you are prob right about ectoplasm - my sister has actually seen my (deceased) grandad appear in front of her and apparently he looked as solid as you or I - no 'smoke'! (best part is she doesn't believe in 'any of this nonsense!')

I am a developing medium as well - seem to have a natural gift for it - its hard to tell if the earlier stuff about ectoplasm was true or not - I'm not convinced by the photos. Perhaps the 'smoke' is energy that links to other dimensions or something?

The annoying part is that now I rarely, if ever, see those friends.. and we hardly ever talk about what happened.. like its taboo or something. I have other friends now who are interested in the same subjects but I guess some people are ready to face this 'reality' and others aren't.



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by bardo on Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:10 am

my take on the subject is that more people are spiritual aware than others because of the release of "dmt" into the body thus giving you alien encounters and encounters with your dead relatives.every single person has this substance its how you release it.once you open the "gate" its with you for life.
living of plants and the land people learnt how to speak with these gods and learnt information these entities told them in the spiritual world for thousands of years.
this was lost due to the fake religion of christianity where peoples spirtual side was lost,if you was a shaman with vast knowledge i'e jesus you was killed.
for some reason more and more people are finding there spiritual side again.people are using "dmt" to search for answers.
our spiritual side is been awoken by these entities via them or by searching for the truth ourselves by going to the amazon and learning from these entities by taking this plant form.
the answers are inside yourself not in the stars,once you unlock this you become free to learn what ancesters in the past already knew.
spirit gods exist or aliens !! call them what you want....

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by samantha_star13 on Fri Mar 30, 2007 6:30 pm

Hi Bardo

Do you have any links for info about DMT?

I read something about experiements with it ages ago - I gather it induced strange experiences. Were there any physical findings at all?

I didn't realise we produced this - is it present in everyone or just some people?


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