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Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

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Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

by MercuryRapids on Fri Oct 12, 2007 9:42 am

Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

This is one of the few things i rarely speak about, but i just want to share this with you guys. I have been abducted by aliens. These are not green. They are grey.

Their head is huge. Their Eye's are slanted, large and black.Nose is vague.2 small nares are visible. The Mouth is indicated by a small slit without lips. body and head are completely hairless. Arms are long and thin, and reach to the knees. The legs are short and thin.Their skin is grey

My first abduction happened when i was 7 years old and goes as follows:

I was living with my parents. They had just moved into a new house in a very small village. There´s total 60 houses in that area with great distance from house to house. This very day, it was sunny and warm. I played along with other kids and had fun.

In the afternoon a horrible thunderstorm was in our area. Mom has said it was very close. Like Lighting - almost directly thunder. Mom warned me not to go out and i went to my room. I was pretty much tired and fell asleep on my bed, at first i closed the door to my room.

Some time later i suddenly woke up with a strange feeling. There was somebody in my room. I moved a little bit in my bed and saw a little grey man standing very close to me. He quickly moved forward and i tried to sit up so i could see him better and ask why he was in my room.

When he got closer i sensed this was no human and i took my glasses and saw him even better. It was a classic grey, of course i didnt knew that then. I got especially terrified when i looked into his big black almond shaped eyes. I tried to scream for mom to come but i couldnt say a word.

Suddenly this creature grabbed me and forced me up from the bed. I of course tried to break free, to no avail. The grey alien walked slowly to my window with me in tow and just... walked through the window!!!. We flew upwards towards a big UFO that was above us. I didnt know what to think, so i said to myself, it is just dream, this is not happening.

Some seconds later we were onboard the UFO. It was kinda cold there. I noticed some strange markings on the walls, that i havent seen since then. Also, the floor felt like rubber. The being led me to a big circular room where it laid me on a table that looked like a hospital bed, only more shinier. Then the door to the room opened and two more aliens came in. One of them said to me: You have been chosen, just like your father and family.

I noticed a strange smell of sulfur from the aliens and i thought it smelled badly. One of them did a little cut on my thigh. It hurted some and i yelled at them. The one that was closest to me asked if they could do something to make me stop screaming. I had no answer. Then the same being asked me to look at its eyes. I really dint wanted to do that, but the alien forced me too it. They inserted something in my nose that hurted really bad.

Later, i was allowed to get up from the table. I was led by the same alien that had taken me. After some time i was back in my room again and the alien went away. When it had happened, i had only a strange memory of a big owl looking at me from that window. It was much later revelaved what REALLY happened.

In the during weeks after this i had some serious nosebleeds and went to a doctor with mom and dad. The doctor took out a small metallic thing from my nose and said he never had seen such things before. Mom thought i accidently had gotten it there when i and another kid had been at the dumpster that is in our area. We had been there playing along.

Also, i asked mom and dad often if i could sleep in their bed because i was afraid of sleeping in my own room. They thoght it was odd but i was allowed to sleep there a few times.

Next time i was abducted (atleast that i know) was when i was 13 years old. I was sleeping over at a friends place and had great fun. Watching movies and eating quite alot of candy. We went to bed very late. His parents had long gone went to bed. I felt a strange sensation that i couldnt explain when i went to bed. I know ii began to say something but clammed my mouth shut. My friend said huh? but i just said there was nothing.

Anyway, i fell asleep and just like the first time i was awaken some time later. I dont know how much time had went until i was awaken. I opened my eyes and saw three aliens staring at me. I tried to scream but i just got out a small aahh. The aliens walked to me and took my hands. Their hands felt almost liquid and i cringed at the feel of their hands.

They took me to their UFO and just like the last time i was laid on a table. This was howevere in a bigger room that it had been the first time. To my horror they did a anal probe procedure and i felt like they raped me. I screamed at them to stop this but they just kept on. Then they took forward some machine and began "repairing" some of my teeth. God, that HURTED and i was screaming bloody murder.

I have no memory of how i got back, but when i wake up in the morning i was sore all over. My voice was raspy and i looked very pale. The firends mom thought i had stay up way too late and scolded us a little bit. When i came home i just lost it and started crying. I felt violated but i didnt know by who or how. Mom came in, comforting me. I started talking about i had seen another owl at the friends house. Mom didnt belived me and asked what we had been doing. She suspected we had been doing drugs. I have NEVER touched anything of that kind. Never even smoked and only very very limited drinking when i,m traveling in lets say, Mallorca.

The following days my teeth hurt and my penis felt sore as well (plus some private parts) I was also begginning to get suspicious towards medical people and such. My grandfather was at the hospital at this time and i couldnt almost not stomach being there.

Then it was very calm and nothing major happened, until 1987. My mom was a member in a book club that sended the most popuolar books home. Somewhere this year, she got Communion by Whitley Strieber. I had gotten home from my gymnastic training and was going to eat the dinner my family had saved to me.

Mom was outside, helping dad with the lawnmover. I glanced over the table and i saw a new book laying with the backside up. I often read the books she got and was curious on what this new book was about. Unfourtenly there was no text on the back of this one, so i flipped it around to the front. I litterary jumped a feet when i saw that face looking at me from the book.

I must have screamed too because the door opened pretty fast and mom looked in at me, quite concerned. I was totally speechless and decided to lay the book on the backside. They argued some outside before they went in and gently started talking to me. Mom sais he understood that i had been frightened because she got too when she saw that picture at the front. Dad said i was a wuss and acted stupid.

We spoke about alot of things and dad had started reading the book. Mom didnt want to read the book. Dad had gotten some pages into the book when he put it down and cleared his throat. He wanted to know about the owl i had seen. I told him what i remebered. A very big owl with big eyes that had looked at me from my window. He then wanted to know why i had been so scared of the pic on the front. He held the book up so i could see it clearly.

I broke down and started crying. I said that :you are evil to me, dad. He frowned and asked me to go out of the kitchen. He then closed the door and i heard him speaking with mom. I didnt heard what he said, but he sure didnt sounded happy. I thought it was my fault so i run into my room, slamming the door shut and throwed myself at the bed, crying.

Later, there was a knocking on the door and mom came in. She seemed sad and wanted to talk very seriosly with me. She asked if i had met such a creature anytime. Her question made me very unsecure and i said i didnt know. Mom, of course, wanted me to think very hard on that and if so, what had the creature done to me?

Dad came in shortly after that, saying he had called a hypnotist. I just freaked out then. I didnt wanted any hypnosis about anything PERIOD!!. My parents did talked me over it was the best interrest for us all.

The day came and i had a sickly feeling that whole day. Mom and dad collected me at the training. I hadnt been doing anything at the gym. Just feeling sorry and very scared.

I feel i cant really talk about what i went through the hypnosis but my mom started crying several times during it and i felt the pain over and over again from what the aliens had done to me. They had abducted me some more times through the years, mostly between 9-11, but they had just checked on me mostly then.

It turned out later that dad also had a history of being abducted. He in turn had met some reptilian aliens but they never harmed him. Its strange the grey ones are so "evil". I dont understand why. They are saying it is for our best, but how can they do that?

Now these days they just check on me and it was quite some time i was in their UFO. I,m quite happy for that. I can sometimes feel when they are around so i can prepare myself for what is going to happen. Also they often let me remeber what has happened so i wont make a fool talking about strange owls.

Gotta end this long life story now with some notes below. Thanks for listening and please ask if something is unclear.

Note 1: I hope everybody understands that i truly love my family. Without them i wouldnt be able to work as a human being. We have had many discussions about the aliens and both mom and dad truly hate them, for what they have done to me. My family is my greatest weapon against them.

note 2: For all "wishers": I,m very sorry for you. Please think through it very much. You might think it will be "cool" and "hip" to be abducted. Its NOT!! For me, its been a very long nightmare that i had to accept and live through. These days they dont contact/abduct me as much as before. I still cringe and want to hurt them when they come. I cant stand looking into their eyes and i,m 34 years old now.
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Re: Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

by captainlockheed on Fri Oct 12, 2007 9:40 pm

The first time i went into the kids school hall there huge paintings of owls on the walls that had been put up for a play, I just couldn't take my eyes off them. It was very uncomfortable for me but i was curious about my own reaction to the owls.

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Re: Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

by MercuryRapids on Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:03 pm

Owl imagery seems prevalent in abduction experiences. Jason Andrews said an owl visited him during his childhood abductions.
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Re: Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

by Scully15 on Sun Oct 14, 2007 10:55 am

Part of me was a bit dubious about the whole thing when I read certain aspects of the article. I think it was the 'Communion' thing, but upon saying that, so many people have unlocked their memories by seeing that picture, that perhaps it isn't as cliché as I thought. As you say, the whole owl thing is very prevalent in abduction accounts. Whether it's the abductee creating a screen or the actual baldies, I have no idea.

One thing that worried me though, was the mention of his genitalia being in pain and the 'anal probe'. That immediately set alarm bells ringing that perhaps he had been abused in some way.

What I didn't like was the way the rest of the people in the forum berated him. Some of the comments were uncalled for.
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Re: Abduction experience posted on werewolf forum

by Mother of Mystery on Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:39 pm

I quite like owls but I find it hard to stomach the way they swallow their siblings whole if left without food for a while. (Sorry about the pun.)
And I like the way their side-on face takes on the appearance of an old man. My fave is the twit-twoo one. Tawny? Barn?
Mind you, I like all birds and have built up a trust with some of them. When they see me the word goes round pretty quick.. 'Grubs up.'
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