Vehicle Concepts in the Hunger Games: The Hovercraft

When it comes to concept vehicles, one thing that comes to your mind is flying vehicles which seem to glide in the air seamlessly. The book and movie franchise Hunger Games does not disappoint. Following the hit young adult fiction the Hunger Games (also released as the hunger games audio book) – the movie brings to life many of the futuristic concepts. This includes the main forms of transport in the series: The train and the hovercraft.

The Hovercraft is is a kind of air transport used mainly in the Capitol. It is found in Panem. Hover crafts are used to support the hunger games, transportation, and combat, and is manufactured in District 9.

The Hovercraft

In some cases, it is retrofitted with a large claw which is employed for grabbing or lifting. They also come with nets, and harpoons fitted to cables. If you have seen the movie, you will notice the aircraft catching people by sucking them up using a type of force field. The same force field holds a person whenever they are about to board the air vehicle. They then use the ladder that retracts itself. The force field also immobilizes the tributes when trackers are injected into their arms. At least in the book, but in the movie itself, the trackers are inserted into the tributes when they are strapped in the cargo bay.

The hover crafts are fitted with alien technology, at least for us. They are cloaked or invisible. It is said they materialize to different places. After the bombing in District 12, Katniss Aberdeen says she is being protected by an invisible group of 12 hovercraft. I the book, these futuristic machines are as silent as they come but in the movie, they tend to create a lot of noise, and thus are sighted from far off.

Different Makes

Designs vary from movie to movie. The more recent the movies, the more advanced and better design. In comparison, the one used in Catching Fire looks glossier than the one used in the original Hunger Games.

In the initial stages, the hovercraft transports each tribute with their stylist to their launch rooms. The tributes cannot see the view of the arena as the hover crafts windows are closed. When the games start, a hovercraft carries around a large screen which shows the previous night’s deaths. O n confirmation of the death of a recruit, their body is recovered together with any weapon stuck in them.


They bring gifts for the tributes and drop them off by parachute. One thing you must notice is that the gifts appear almost instantly implying that the craft shadows the tributes at every turn during the games. The hovercraft picks up a victor immediately they are declared winners and talks them back to the training center. The craft comes with a mini hospital, an operating room plus a medical team who provide medical attentions by treating any threatening injuries victors may suffer. In Hunger Games, you may not see that. It transports all tributes at once; they do not remove bodies from the arena. But you can see that in Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The hover craft also performs rescue missions. When the force field in the arena was destroyed during the 75th hunger games, Finnick Oddor, Katniss and Betee are rescued by the hovercraft and lifts off to the safety of District 13.

Combat Missions

Hovercrafts are also combated capable. They are piloted by the military and the peacekeepers to keep the citizenry in check, catch runaways, and enemies of the Capital. They are also used as bombers and transports. In one scene, Lavinia was captured, but her companion did not fare well. He was killed. Just a fun fact, 75 years before the series begins, rebels seized some hover crafts and constructed other ones on these models and upgraded the much older fleet. And during the rebellion in District 8, hovercraft suppressed it by bombing the insurgent stronghold.

Other than the hovercraft, trains are also used as a primary form of transport from district to district. Hovercraft is mostly used for long distant travel. They are also in use when transporting heavy cargo. Later on, the rebels began utilizing the hovercraft for long distance travel.